Learn how to Photograph Stars in the Night Sky with your SLR Camera

Article by Wade Ashley, dygiphy. Learn the secrets to creating amazing star photographs with your SLR camera. In this article, I discuss theory, tips and hard learned techniques to bring out the most from the night sky.

Autumn Family Photography is back

The streets of Melbourne are once again aflame with colour as the deciduous trees in our most liveable city turn to green and gold. The kids are having fun playing in the leaves and with the milder temperatures and beautiful autumnal golden sunlight, there is no better time to grab a camera and make it a day trip.

5 Simple Tips that will Improve Your iPhone Photography

Check out these 5 simple tips that will help you take great photos with your iPhone or other mobile cameras.

How To Identify a Great Photo

The ability to identify a great photograph is the first thing any aspiring photographer should acquire, and is more important than technical mastery of a camera.  It is also an extremely useful skill for all those interested in photography, whether you take photos, enjoy looking at photos or are in the market to purchase photos.  […]

Photo Tips: Baby Photography

I can think of countless funny moments when I think about baby photography.  Lenses covered in sticky fingers and dribble, toppling tripods complete with cameras, and urgent nappy changes to name a few.  And all in pursuit of that decisive moment that captures a fleeting aspect of a tiny personality before the arrival of the […]