Popup Website for Event Registrations. Checkout our latest build

by | May 18, 2018 | Client News

A popup website can be affordably built, and save a significant amount of back office processing.  We recently completed just such a site on behalf of Travel Counsellors to assist with registrations for one of their client’s upcoming conferences.

What is a Popup Website?

Just like a popup store, a popup website is not needed for a long period of time and will generally serve a fairly specific purpose. For this reason, they need to be affordable to build, and to get up and running in a short period of time The site we built for Travel Counsellors was designed and built within 24 hours, and cost about a third of what it would cost to build a multi-page website.

How do you build it so quickly – and cheaply?

The site was built on a platform that dygiphy have been continually developing since our  web launch in 2017.  We call it “Masterbuild”. It’s a WordPress based platform with a custom developed theme and plugin set that is flexible enough to build any website with any design. Because we built it and can make it do whatever we want, we can deploy Masterbuild very quickly and customise it to meet our client’s requirements.

Good Design is the Key

An effective popup website needs to meet the design objectives quickly and efficiently.  At dygiphy, we deploy a user centred design method that identifies the primary custom transactions and then optimises the interface to enable the customer to complete these transactions as quickly as possible. This is really a key objective, not just for popup websites but for any well designed website.  Website visitors don’t have a lot of patience to dig around for what they are looking for.  They don’t have time to watch introductory videos or fancy animations.  They also don’t want to have to click past ads and banners. What they do want is interface “affordance” (expected feedback) that verifies they are in the right place, and can carry out the transactions they came for. It’s still okay to have videos and animations, but they need to be part of the website discovery, not part of the introduction.

See that Site for Yourself – before it disappears

Our newest popup site is designed for one purpose – conference registration.  Check it out now before it is gone. www.niagaraevents.com.au