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    Art Reproduction Photography


    Art Reproduction Photography

    Dygiphy’s art reproduction photography service utilises high-resolution digital cameras and lenses to reproduce your works of art with stunning accuracy.

    Digital photography is the best method for art reproduction of both 2d and 3d works of art, and with superior results and benefits in comparison to flatbed scanning.

    Photography allows us to properly light the subject to express form and texture, and minimise surface glare and reflections caused by some gloss glazes.

    Our workflow is colour calibrated from beginning to end to ensure the accuracy of the reproduction.

    • photographic reproductions. We don’t touch the surface with scanners.
    • colour calibrated workflow
    • high-resolution reproductions
    • both 2d and 3d works reproduced
    • form, texture and shape modelling using studio lights
    • on-site mobile service. No need to transport large items
    • photographed in-situ without touching if necessary
      reproduced with the skill of broad service professional photographers

    Trust professional photographers who have reproduced paintings from artists that include Tom Roberts and Gottfried Lindauer!