Family Portraits

Our family portraits service comes to you in your own home or favourite location.  Being in your own space will make you feel much more comfortable than in a commercial studio.  Benefits of coming to you include:

  • you’ll have of access to your own bathroom, wardrobe and bedroom for last minute preparation or outfit changes
  • children can bring toys from their room to use as props during the shoot, helping them feel more comfortable and engaged
  • if you have very young children or babies, you’ll have access to your own nappy change and cleanup facilities
  • you can grab a snack or drink from your own kitchen
  • when you’re not having your own photo taken, you can retire into your own space
  • and most of all, you’ll feel more comfortable and at home, and that translates to better, more natural and representative photos

Studio backgrounds

If you would like studio style photographs, we setup a mobile studio using portable backdrops and state of the art wireless gear right in your own home.  Benefits of studio backgrounds include:

  • more precise control of lighting, which means we can make you look your absolute best
  • a less cluttered background, which can have benefits when mounting large prints on a wall
  • if you don’t want the location of the shoot to be seen, the backdrop will completely hide it
  • clean backgrounds are more versatile for creative design work on your photos

Natural backgrounds

You can also feature your own home, garden or favourite location in the shoot.  In a standard 2 hour shoot, we can move around between various places and settings:

  • make memories of your home a feature of your photo set
  • add greater narrative to the photo set by showing how you interact as a family with spaces in your home
  • add interest and beauty to the shots by combining interior, architecture and/or landscape photography with your portraiture

Family Portraits Gallery

Here are some examples of how our customers have approached their family portraiture with Dygiphy.