Our Story

I started Dygiphy with a single vision: to re-invent photography for families and businesses.  To achieve this, I wanted to do three things:

  1. Produce consistently amazing photos for my customers
  2. Exceed my customer’s expectations of quality and customer service
  3. Innovate photography as it entered the digital age

This vision came about in part from my own frustration with the services on offer from existing photographers at a time when I, and my family’s circle of friends, had young children.

I was regularly hearing stories of vouchers that lured people into photography studios, only then to be subjected to pressure selling techniques for something they thought was going to be free.

And there was no real value for money.  The quality of the photos was inconsistent, digital negatives were hard to come by, and the margin on individual products was extremely high to cover the cost of all those free vouchers that couldn’t be converted to sales.

Photography had always been my passion.  I grew up helping my dad develop photos in his home darkroom, and had spent my life training and practicing photography as a hobby.

My career at the time as a management consultant with a large international consultancy, had taken me to many places in the world.  I had been working in the usability and computer interface design sphere as businesses adopted internet technology.  I had learnt a lot about bringing together composite teams of photographers, designers, videographers and programmers.   I had also learnt a lot about the critical importance of customer service.

Having recently returned to Melbourne from the UK to raise a family, it was time for a change in career.  I wanted to merge my skills in photography, with those as a consultant.  Dygiphy was born!

Today Dygiphy has grown to offer website development and graphic design services alongside photography, in response to demand from my customers.

Family portrait photography is still at the core of our business, especially on weekends.  During the week we support many of those same families in their own sole trader or small businesses with commercial photography, website development and graphic design.

Innovation continues to drive our service offerings.  Everything from our family photo books and wall prints, to cutting edge web design and technology.  The benefits from everything we offer get merged together to create a unique service that I believe is the best in the country.

Wade Ashley

Wade Ashley

Founder and Principle Photographer