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 Writing content that matters takes work.

Let me do it so you don’t have to


Catherine Ashley, Dygiphy Copywriter

BA Melb, GradDipBusAdmin RMIT, GradDipA (Writing) Swinburne, GAICD



Copywriting helps you build and grow your business by sharing your ideas with the world

Clear, effective communications are vital to competitive success, and your business needs more than just a writer. You need a strategic communications partner who understands your company’s goals and strengths.  The Australian market has specific requirements and targeted statements will resonate with local customers.

Dygiphy Copywriting can help to figure out in words why people buy your product, how they buy it, what they use it for, and what really matters to them.  A writer with a strong business background and qualifications in the art and science of writing can go beyond shallow marketing messages to create quality content.  High quality content matters for two main reasons: the impression you give readers about your company; and the way Google ranks your website.  If your audience sees you as an authority, it makes them more likely to trust and use your company.  If Google gives you a high ranking your company will be a discoverable online presence.

Words matter.  Let’s get started.

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Benefits of Professional Copywriting:

Google will like you

Google rewards genuine, authentic content and this is good news because your website can talk about your business and be rewarded for it with higher search rankings.  Google likes providing users with search experiences that deliver what they are looking for, and maintaining and refreshing your content encourages search engines to visit your website more often.

E.A.T. is Google’s name for what every high quality page needs: a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.  A survey which polled 375,000 people in over 30 countries, found that 84% of consumers expect brands to produce content but believe that 60% of that content is clutter, so quality content matters, both to Google and to your customers.

Expert content drives sales

Expert content helps customers while traditional advertising annoys them.  Connecting the right users with relevant information means better rankings, better click-through rates and a better user experience.

Time put into making content helpful to your readers will encourage people to view your brand as a thought leader and a credible information source.  Many of these people will go on to become your customers over time or tell a friend about your website and turn their friend into a customer.  Instead of wasting money and time on frustrating advertisements you can create useful content that people voluntarily choose to read, share and recommend.

Authoritative content is searchable

Voice searches are no longer rare, and Google has new algorithms to consider the user intent and contextual meaning of queries.  As a result, stuffing keywords into content is no longer enough as search results need to address the pain points of their target audience to be ranked.  A 2018 survey by PwC showed that even back then, 50% of respondents had made a purchase using their voice assistant, and an additional 25% would consider doing so in the future.

Voice technology is another step in the direction of improving the user experience with semantics (or the linguistics and logic of meaning) and so what you say, and how you say it, matters more than ever, whether the search is initiated by voice or by text.

Trustworthy content creates relationships

Great content helps to build a trusting relationship with your target audience and makes them more likely to work with your business, bringing your potential customers a step closer to making a purchase.

Step One is Awareness – before making a purchase, people realize that they have a problem that needs solving and 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product.

Step Two is Consideration – people take time to research and better understand their problem.  At this stage people are looking for help to make better quality decisions and human traits do not change whether the decision making is offline or online, so clear and practical content is appreciated.

Step Three is the Decision – people make a decision on which solution is best for them and research shows websites influence 97% of clients’ purchasing decisions.

Copywriting PRicing

Prices start at $80 per page for editing and enhancement of basic copy provided by you and includes SEO research.  Contact us today to outline a project, request a FREE quote for services, and hire Dygiphy as your strategic communications specialist.

We don’t outsource our copywriting or research to other countries or external contractors.  It’s all done right here in Melbourne, Australia by experienced content developer and strategic communications specialist Catherine Ashley.  BA Melb, GradDipBusAdmin RMIT, GradDipA (Writing) Swinburne, GAICD.   Catherine is a current student in The Master of Writing at Swinburne University of Technology.