Commercial Photography


Dygiphy’s commercial photographer service is designed around the needs of your small business.  Our commercial photographer comes to you at your location to cover a broad range of modern photography needs.

  1. event photography
  2. office location shots
  3. brochure-ware
  4. marketing photography
  5. website stock photography
  6. graphic design, business cards, brochures
  7. and all other commercial photography needs!

Please also see our other commercial service offerings on the following pages:

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Web Stock Photography

Web stock photography is a critically important part of today’s websites.  Few visitors will navigate past the home page of any site, and research shows that quality photography is a key reason why people stay or go.

There are many online library’s of stock photography. Anything of quality is however very expensive, and comes with restrictive licensing clauses.  Perhaps the biggest limitation is that the imagery does not represent the personality of your business, and often gives your site an un-differentiated “vanilla” feel that will turn customers away.

Dygiphy’s stock photography service is designed to capture the personality of your business, and cost effectively provide a stock of photos for use on the web and in print media.  We also process our own photos for the output medium, meaning the quality on screen or in print is far superior.

Example video header created for Entelechy Therapy using web stock photography we took at their offices.

Because Dygiphy do the photography, graphic design and website development, we are uniquely positioned to develop high impact products that help differentiate our clients from their competitors.