Real Estate Photography

Dygiphy offer a broad real estate photography service for vendors, real estate agents and builders.

Dusk photography

Shooting real estate photography at dusk is currently favoured for domestic real estate.  It enables ambient daylight to be balanced against the brightness of electric lighting,  providing warm, saturated colours which showcase landscapes and interiors.

Dygiphy, real estate photography

Daylight photography

Daylight photography is favoured by interior decorating magazines, and is good for showcasing the light and airiness of interiors.

Dygiphy, real estate photography

HDR (high dynamic range) photography

High dynamic range photography is an advanced technique to overcome the limited dynamic range sensitivity of cameras.  Camera sensors are not as good at dealing with extreme differences in light and dark as the human eye, and this can limit the potential of photography to capture what a human would see.  HDR techniques allows the dynamic range of a shot to be compressed by combining multiple photos with different exposures together.  Done well, it can bring out the subtle detail in shadows and highlights, and provide a glossy clean look to the photo, particularity on glossy surfaces.  Done badly, it makes the shots look cartoon like and artificial.

Dygiphy, real estate photography

3D Rendered Staging

Rendering furniture and landscaping elements using 3D software and compositing it into real estate photography can be an economical alternative to staging real estate with real furniture and plants.  There are large libraries of architectural objects available, making it possible to match period features and interior styling.  3D staging is a great service for renovation builders who would like to showcase their work, but may not have access to the property when it has been fully furnished and landscaped.

Dygiphy, real estate photography