Product Photography

for all products large and small

Dygiphy’s product photography service is for all objects large and small (including macro), and can image on whitescreen, glass or blackscreen, as well as a wide range of backgrounds and natural settings.  We offer different levels of service including cost-effective standardised setups for large catalogues of products, or customised studio setups to bring out the best in higher value products.

Our product photography options include:

  • light box product photography
  • light tent product photography
  • high key white screen studios
  • custom backdrops
  • macro focus stacking
  • advanced colour calibration
Dygiphy, Product Photography

Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is an advanced photographic technique for ensuring all parts of a product will be in sharp focus.

It is achieved by taking multiple photos at different focus points, and then compositing them to create a depth of field that is not possible using traditional photography.

Focus stacking can be used in many situations, but is particularly useful when shooting small products with macro lenses, which have a narrow depth of field

This engagement ring combines 10 different frames to create stunning sharpness from front to back, including within the diamond itself.

Dygiphy, Product Photography

Whitescreen or Still Life

Dygiphy, Product Photography
Whitescreen (or high key) photography is a popular choice for product catalogues that will be sold on the web.  Products are shot on a pure white background, which blends seamlessley with web pages.

For shiny products such as the bracelet above, dark refelectors are strategically placed to create reflections that enhance appearance.

Tete de Moine
Still life photography is more suited to products whose appearance is enhanced by the context of a setting.

Still life photos can either be lit with studio lights, natural light, or a combination of both, to create a mood the best suits the product.


Colour Calibrated Workflow

When it comes to product photography, we understand how important colour is to our clients.  The earrings below are products which differentiate based on colour.

The end-customers of our clients often purchase from the internet based on the colour displayed in online photos, so getting the colour right is critical.

We have a precise colour-calibrated workflow to make sure the images we deliver to our clients accurately represent the original product.

Product Photography Gallery