Dygiphy Vastly Improves Website Search Performance

Dygiphy has improved the performance of WordPress’s built-in search function by integrating the Relevanssi Search plugin into our latest WordPress build.

Why is it important to have a better search function?

Small business owners risk missing out on potential sales or leads if their website visitors cannot find the information they need. Unfortunately, the default WordPress search function relies on basic keyword matching, which can be imprecise and yield irrelevant results. This is especially challenging for small business websites with a wide range of products or services or a significant amount of content.

What are the top new features?

  1. Advanced search algorithm: The Relevanssi Search Plugin uses an advanced algorithm to provide more accurate search results to your customers, including partial matches, synonyms, and more.
  2. Customizable search experience: With Relevanssi, you can customize the search experience to meet your specific needs. This includes options to prioritize certain pages or products, exclude certain pages or products, and more.
  3. Search term highlighting: Relevanssi highlights search terms in the search results and on the page, making it easier for customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

How can I get it for my website?

Dygiphy includes the free version of Relevanssi Search in the latest build we install when performing annual website updates. To get it, simply check the box on your annual renewal form. Alternatively, if you would like it earlier, contact us to arrange an immediate update.