Monthly Visitor Statistic Emails

To help you better understand your website’s performance, we will be sending you an email on the second day of each month with a summary of visitor statistics.

The email contains a 12 month history of data that includes:

  • the number of unique visitors – for understanding how many people are visiting your website.
  • the average number of website pages each visitor views on your site – for understanding how engaged each visitor is by the content on your website.
  • the percentage of visits that were made on a mobile (vs desktop) device – for understanding how to best optimise the content you provide on your website.

What’s a unique visitor

When someone visits your website, technology analyses the incoming IP address and user cookies to determine if that person has visited your website before in the current month.  If they have, they are only counted as 1 visitor, regardless of how many times they visit or how many pages they open.

Note that if the same person visits from different devices such as their phone and their laptop, each device will be counted as a unique visitor.

Do I get counted as a visitor when I go to my website

Not if you are logged in to your website.  If you visit your website regularly and don’t want your visits to be counted, make sure you remain logged in.  There is a checkbox to keep you logged in for 14 day on the login screen.

Can’t I already get these statistic using the Slimstat plugin?

Yes – Slimstat is actually the source of the data we collect for these emails.  All Dygiphy websites include a powerful tool called Slimstat that collects all sorts of information about visits to your site.  However as this tool is a bit complex to use and understand, we’ve created this summary email to give you most of what you need to know each month.

Should I also be using Google Analytics

There is generally no need.  For visitor statistics Google Analytics essentially does the same thing as Slimstat, however because Google Analytics is aggressively blocked by ad blockers and privacy protection software, Slimstat is more accurate.

How do I improve these numbers each month

There are many strategies, however best practice starting with the most important is:

  1. Regularly create new value added content that has been optimised for search engines.
  2. Use paid advertising such as Google AdWords or other more traditional advertising methods to drive traffic to your website.
  3. Run regular seasonal or product/service marketing campaigns and promotions.
  4. Keep in contact with existing customer with value added email marketing.
  5. Create backlinks to your website on your social media pages, business indexing websites, professional organisations and other relevant websites.