Massive increase in storage available for your email and website

What’s New

Our default hosting accounts come with 5gb of storage for all websites and associated services.  Previously there was the option to increase this as high as 25gb.  We are now able to offer plans up to 100gb – 4x larger.

Will this increase my email storage space?

Yes, absolutely.  Email storage is shared with your website, so an increase in storage in your hosting account will directly benefit both your website and all email accounts.

How does this compare to Microsoft Exchange Online

Your hosting account allows an unlimited number of email accounts to share the same storage space, and allows sophisticated email routing, filtering and forwarding configurations.  Exchange Online requires a separate subscription for every email address you use with your domain name and does not have these additional options, although it does have the option to subscribe to other Microsoft services at an additional cost.

Do I need to upgrade?

If you find you are running out of email or website storage space, then this is an option.

How much does it cost?

There is a sliding scale based on your storage requirements. To view the current prices and request additional storage, follow the link below:
Website Storage Options