Dygiphy is celebrating 50, websites that is !!

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Client News

Just over 2 years since rebranding to Dygiphy, we have launched our 50th website.


#50 was Capito Wines, the visually impressive website for Andrea Neilson’s wine-broking business in Melbourne utilising Dygiphy’s proprietary WordPress based development platform.  The site showcases the company’s portfolio of wineries with some beautiful photography of the vineyards and families operating them across some of Australia’s most prestigious wine regions.  The website also includes a listing of all wines on offer, as well as vintage specific tasting notes for each wine.  Capito Wines sells mainly to Melbourne restaurants, but Andrea can also assist you with stocking your own cellar.  Please feel free to get in touch via the website at www.capitowines.com.au

Some of our websites are also now in their second refresh. Our #49 website was a revitalisation of Diptech Performance, the website for Victoria’s largest Yamaha Waverunner Dealer.  The Diptech website includes some sophisticated integration enabling it to talk to Yamaha’s website through an API to update with latest news and product releases, significantly reducing the cost and time required to keep the website up to date.  You can visit the site at www.diptechperformance.com.au

Launching and managing websites requires the continuous development of supporting technologies here at Dygiphy.  Our clients may have noticed changes to the invoicing and renewals system, a PHP application that was developed in-house and runs on the Dygiphy website as a WordPress plugin.  It’s a great example of how you can use your website for much more than marketing your business.

Dygiphy has also developed a sophisticated uptime monitoring platform that checks every website we operate at 5 minute intervals to make sure our clients’ sites are both operational and responding quickly – again managed as a WordPress plugin through our website.

Dygiphy’s growth has been almost entirely thanks to the word of mouth referral of our clients, so a big thanks to everyone for your support.    Please keep the referrals coming !!