Check out these 5 simple tips that will help you take great photos with your iPhone or other mobile cameras.

We have just updated artist Alex Nemirovsky’s website with his latest 2016 portrait commissions including a large scale work of the Malaysian Sultan of Johor.  The private commission will be hung in one of the Sultan’s palaces. We developed Alex’s branding and website some years back in addition to portraiture and art reproduction photography services. […]

My lens review and field test of the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM is based on my experience using it in on the job as a professional photographer.  You will find tips and analysis for using the lens across a broad category of professional photography applications.

Capturing the light on the beautiful Isle of Skye, off the West Coast of Scotland #ashleyphotography #throwbackthursday #Scotland

Photo shoots like this don’t come along very often – this is the sort of work that reminds me why I love photography so much.

It’s well known now that overuse of stock photography will negatively impact your google rankings and turn customers away who can’t find images of real people, products and places on your website. Check out these photos from a recent web stock photography shoot with Lark Business Advisory and see for yourself just how much information […]

At Dygiphy we like to ensure every customer experience goes beyond expectations.  Our photography allows people to feel comfortable sharing themselves with the camera so that their unique personality can be warmly captured.   Couples can form radiant images to fill their home with loving moments full of joy, enabling Dygiphy to create pieces that reflect […]

Check out these shots from our latest real estate shoot of this holiday gem hidden away in 100 acres of bush near Cradle Mountain. This house was designed by Dr Mark Dewsbury, Centre for Sustainable Architecture, University of Tasmania.  Mark has designed a house that, on the edge of a World Heritage National Park, aims […]

Dygiphy, Family Portraits

If you’re thinking about having family portraits taken this year then read this first – a complete guide to what you should get and what you should be paying.

Thanks to Tahnee and Rob for some great interaction with the camera during their recent couples photography shoot.  We loved these photos from the white screen studio that we shot in their living room using wireless mobile studio lighting.  Some great memories to finish off 2016! [easy-image-collage id=2631]

So cute, this is Eyvi the chihuahua!  She might be a rookie, but she sure was full of personality during these pet portraits.  A born model, sitting so beautifully still in all her best profiles.  We think these shots, especially the main shot with a creative antique finish, will look great on our new Nordic […]

Do you remember the days of the darkroom, where under the dull light of a bare red bulb, you’d lovingly expose your sheets of photographic paper under the enlarger, dodging and burning with your bare hands to correct exposure, and then stage the paper through various chemicals before pegging it to a line to dry.  […]

The ability to identify a great photograph is the first thing any aspiring photographer should acquire, and is more important than technical mastery of a camera.  It is also an extremely useful skill for all those interested in photography, whether you take photos, enjoy looking at photos or are in the market to purchase photos.  […]

Title picture: The Hazards, Freycinet National Park During holidays, or when out on field trips, I am always on the lookout for spots that show potential for slow shutter and sunset landscape photography. It’s only at sunset (or sunrise) in the right conditions that colours become really intense, with stunning contrast between the deep overhead […]

Article by Wade Ashley, dygiphy. Learn the secrets to creating amazing star photographs with your SLR camera. In this article, I discuss theory, tips and hard learned techniques to bring out the most from the night sky.

Yesterday I was out taking real estate photos in Malvern East of Pinnacle Builders latest completion.  As always the build quality was exceptional, with lots of beautiful architectural lines and textures to work with photographically.  Check out some of the shots below. Pinnacle Builders were runners up for the HIA Renovation award a few years back. […]

I can think of countless funny moments when I think about baby photography.  Lenses covered in sticky fingers and dribble, toppling tripods complete with cameras, and urgent nappy changes to name a few.  And all in pursuit of that decisive moment that captures a fleeting aspect of a tiny personality before the arrival of the […]

A little while back we had the pleasure of photographing this lovely, and highly musical, family in their Canterbury home. The shoot was a textbook example of how we love to do family portraiture at dygiphy: photographed in the places they as a family love to hang out. included the pets as part of the […]

Had a great time at this portfolio shoot a few weekends back.  Shows what can be achieved on location in a relatively small studio space (restaurant function room). I expect to see more from this talented young lady in the coming years! #dygiphy  

I took many thousands of shots in 2016, but here are 10 portraits that I am particularly pleased with. Each has its own strength, but in general I’m drawn to the personality and relationship they capture, and the use of light and editing techniques to further express the portrait.

Thanks to all who entrusted me with their memories last year.