A bad Google review can have a devastating effect on your business. Learn how to turn the risk of bad reviews into an asset.

Most people who operate a website will receive regular email marketing from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultants promising to put them at the top of Google’s page rankings. This may seem like an attractive proposition for small business owners who’d like their website to come up first when potential customers type in “plumber camberwell”, or […]

This article is a definitive guide to the power and options available for email use both in business and your person life.  I’ll be discussing important privacy consideration, hosting options, device and configuration options and email domain naming.

Social Media Marketing Icons

Let’s start with the conclusion.  You probably shouldn’t be marketing your small business with social media the way you are doing it now, and possibly not at all. Much of the perceived value of Social Media marketing comes from the “likes” and “follows” structure.  We’ve been taught to believe that these are a measure of […]