The streets of Melbourne are once again aflame with colour as the deciduous trees in our most liveable city turn to green and gold. The kids are having fun playing in the leaves and with the milder temperatures and beautiful autumnal golden sunlight, there is no better time to grab a camera and make it a day trip.

This Sunday is the day we recognise mothers and mother figures everywhere.
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Since our rebranding last year, we have been working hard to improve the global ranking of Dygiphy’s website, and recently peaked with an Alexa Ranking of 8 million (of 1.8 billion) websites in the world. What is an Alexa Ranking The Alexa Ranking is calculated using statistics collected from real world web browsers, and is considered […]

Here’s a quick video that talks about an easy workflow you can follow to speed up the process and reduce the cost of revisions to your website.

When we first launched our web development service we created one low cost hosting plan called “basic hosting”, designed for small businesses who wanted to maintain their own websites and keep their costs down. Since then, we’ve launched all kinds of websites, and have come to realised one plan does not meet the needs of […]

Over recent months, Dygiphy has been migrating our hosted services to a new technology offering more and faster storage options. Email accounts up to 50gb We can now offer a hosted email product that does not share the same space as your website.  Your existing Dygiphy email can be migrated across to the new hosted […]

A couple of years ago we started offering web design to our small business customers who were looking for help to move online. Web design has now grown to be a large part of our business, and we’re refreshing our brand to better represent what we do.

This lovely family came to Dygiphy looking for luminous images to fill their home and office with warmth and the presence of their delightful teenagers. It was important that the photos truly encapsulated their characters, personalities and love.