We have just updated artist Alex Nemirovsky’s website with his latest 2016 portrait commissions including a large scale work of the Malaysian Sultan of Johor.  The private commission will be hung in one of the Sultan’s palaces. We developed Alex’s branding and website some years back in addition to portraiture and art reproduction photography services. […]

My lens review of the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM is based on my experience using it in on the job as a professional photographer.  You will find tips and analysis for using the lens across a broad category of professional photography applications.  This review includes a selection of full resolution JPG and RAW […]

Thanks to Tahnee and Rob for some great interaction with the camera during their recent couples photography shoot.  We loved these photos from the white screen studio that we shot in their living room using wireless mobile studio lighting.  Some great memories to finish off 2016! [easy-image-collage id=2631]

Do you remember the days of the darkroom, where under the dull light of a bare red bulb, you’d lovingly expose your sheets of photographic paper under the enlarger, dodging and burning with your bare hands to correct exposure, and then stage the paper through various chemicals before pegging it to a line to dry.  […]