Need More Support Maintaining and Administering your Website? Check out our New Services.

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Dygiphy News

When we first launched our web development service we created one low cost hosting plan called “basic hosting”, designed for small businesses who wanted to maintain their own websites and keep their costs down.

Since then, we’ve launched all kinds of websites, and have come to realised one plan does not meet the needs of all our clients.

We’ve created 3 new tiers of support, designed to support websites that range from information only to core business transactions:
basic hosting for those who want to DIY and keep costs down
basic support for those who prefer to email/phone their changes for us to apply
advanced support for those who need us to make regular changes at short notice
premium support for those whose website is their core business

The plans cover design, copy writing, technical and hosting support requirements.  Customer’s are free to upgrade to any plan at anytime.

For more details, visit our web hosting and support page.