Autumn Family Photography is back

by | Apr 29, 2017 | Dygiphy News

Autumn Family Photography is back

The streets of Melbourne are once again aflame with colour as the deciduous trees in our most liveable city turn to green and gold.  The kids are having fun playing in the leaves and with the milder temperatures and beautiful autumnal golden sunlight, there is no better time to grab a camera and make it a day trip.

Some of our favourite locations from last year were the King’s Domain, Canterbury Gardens, Alfred Nichols Garden (Dandenongs), Fitzroy Gardens and the Treasury Gardens.  In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs you’re spoilt for choice, with most of the suburban parks covered in leaves and full of photographic opportunities.

It’s best to go in late afternoon when the sun is low and back-lighting trees to create beautiful rim lighting.  Last year I got some cracking shots with lens flare, thanks to the unique optics in the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 portrait lens.

Contact us now if you’d like to book a professional autumn shoot with Dygiphy.

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